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The San Mateo County Planning Commission will consider a plan this morning that would result in the removal of 62 trees from the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve grove.

The proposal from the San Mateo County Parks Department is an amended version of a plan first announced in January. That’s when the department held a meeting to discuss its vegetation management plan for the Moss Beach recreation spot. The plan came under fire from some Coastsiders — both for the number of trees slated for removal and over concerns about heavy equipment that might be used.

The 28 live trees and 34 dead trees that would be removed with the Planning Commission’s approval are fewer than originally proposed. In January, San Mateo County Parks Director Marlene Finley estimated that eight live trees and most of a group of 134 dead trees would be cut down to improve visitors’ safety and the health of the forest.

Those remain the same reasons for the current proposal, Finley said.

“We heard from the public that we should make sure to keep aesthetics in mind — what’s trimmed and what’s taken out,” she said.

An additional 56 live trees would be trimmed under this plan. Of the trees being removed or trimmed, 19 are eucalyptus trees — all of which would be removed — and the rest are cypress trees. The work would take place before early November.

The revised plan comes several months after the county indicated it was backing off its plans to adopt a five-year vegetation management plan and instead would adopt pilot projects for Fitzgerald Marine Reserve this year. Those projects included removal of some cypress trees and the first phase of exotic invasive vegetation removal in San Vicente Creek.

The Planning Commission’s decision is appealable to the California Coastal Commission.

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