parent satisfaction survey october 2012

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An overwhelming 73% of our parents strongly agree that their child is happy at our school here are a couple of their remarks:

I couldn't be happier with Bishopswood School from every aspect.  The staff are fantastic and that makes it what it is.  I would be very happy to try doing small “homework” so we can be more involved in George’s learning…

Bishopswoood is the best place for Megan to be.  She has always been very happy here. Everyone who is involved with Megan knows her needs – Excellent school


a message from the chair of governors, fiona lloyd

This year we had 26 responses out of a possible 37, which is fantastic and really helpful to us in terms of understanding your views about key issues for your child within the school.  Below is a summary of the summary drawing out key themes:

Is your child happy, safe and doing well at Bishopswood?

Those of you who responded indicate overwhelmingly that you believe your child feels happy, safe and well looked after at Bishopswood. You believe your child is well taught, and you receive valuable information about your child’s progress at school.  You also feel Bishopswood responds well to any concerns you raise about your child. You believe Bishopswood is a well led and managed school including pupil behaviour and you all indicated you would recommend Bishopswood to another parent

A couple of areas for more close examination:

Although the majority of you are happy with the level of homework/holiday work given one third of the responses were either not sure or unhappy - this is clearly an area for more discussion with parents.

Just over half of the respondents agreed ‘Bullying is dealt with effectively’ however that left almost half who reported ‘Don’t Know’.  We would really like to make sure you have no concerns in this area and that the ‘Don’t know’ responses simply mean it is not something you have come across

There were a small number of ‘Don’t Know’ responses  - please feel free to ask to talk to teachers, the Head, or Governors if there is anything you would like to know more about, or if you would like to visit the school during a normal school day.

I think the parents who responded have given a resounding vote of confidence to all staff involved with the school.  Thanks for your continued support.

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